Speech recognition engines built for you.

Cloud based speech to text service in 6 languages, process in real-time or batch mode. We customize our engines to generate the best results for your content. Try it yourself!

Real-time speech recognition

Automatically transcribe audio from 6 languages in real-time or in batch mode.

Highly accurate speech engines

We customize our models to improve accuracy for languages and content you care about the most.

Our software matches your workflow

Receive transcripts with timestamps in any file type you want and use it however you like.

Speech to Text
that works for you

Realtime, cloudbased
and built for you

  • We are specialized in developing cutting-edge speech recognition software.
  • We focus on high accuracy customized solutions for specific verticals: media, legal, politics and finance.
  • Feedback is key and customization is at the core of our service.
  • Continious feedback loops help us to maintain a high accuracy standard for our clients.
  • Customized lexicons are ingested into the language models to meet industry or company needs.


We specialize in creating speech recognition applications and work with specialists in their respective fields to make sure we can offer you the best solution.

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