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For a couple of years now Zoom Media has been at the forefront of speech recognition development in the Netherlands. Our innovative approach in the development of ASR-engines, with a strong emphasis on customization, has led to high accuracy levels, clients in various verticals and interesting partnerships with key industry players. Our focus as a B2B SaaS service for small language areas resulted in a partnership with Microsoft and integration in the video Indexer platform (

At an increasing rate, we’ve recently received requests from individual users who want to use our technology in a personal way. Think of journalists, social media influencers, students, lawyers and managers. Nowadays they still spend a great deal of their valuable time on transcribing recordings word by word. A loss of time, money and resources. They would like to record meetings or vlogs and get them transcribed or subtitled automatically. One of our Zoom Media colleagues came up with the idea to create a platform for these users. Our service shouldn’t be limited to businesses but also consumers! The idea of creating Zoom Script was born.

We decided to create a separate service and add some functionalities to the platform that would make the professional life of consumers much more easier and efficient. With Zoom Script you transcribe your personal audio or video in an automated way by simply uploading a file. As a user, you edit the raw transcription output yourself or choose to have it done by the Zoom Script team of language professionals for a perfect transcript. You can then share the transcript with colleagues, journalists or students. Zoom Script delivers the results fast, secure and in a clear interface. No subscriptions, no hidden costs, you only pay for what you process.

Zoom Script is supported by the Zoom Media Speech to Text API and therefore highly scalable and flexible. For now Zoom Script is available in Dutch. The team works hard to add all the other languages our API already supports. Since the API is the backbone of the service, individual users will benefit almost directly from API improvements in functionality and accuracy. Meanwhile a team of language professionals is standing by to help you out with questions or additional services. With our API, Zoom Script is able to combine the best of both worlds.

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