Zoom Media Python SDK

Different use cases ask for different approaches in integration, and we always strive to make integrating our solutions as easy as possible. From allowing people with no technical skills at all to try out our speech to text models by manually uploading files to providing clear API documentation with code examples for cURL, Node.js, C# and PHP. However, we’ve gotten many requests for an SDK (software development kit) for popular languages from people trying out the service and since we want to make integration of our service as easy as possible we now offer a Python SDK.

Zoom Media Python SDK
Being a Python shop we had something on the shelf for rapid prototyping and testing. So last week we decided to release this code as Open Source under an MIT license. With this license, it is now possible to include our code in your own (commercial) solution, without the obligation of disclosing any changes you make. Using this SDK it becomes very easy to upload a file for processing with just 4 (!) simple lines of code which are as follows:

Zoom Media Python SDK

You can find the Zoom Media Python SDK at: https://github.com/zoom-media/pyzoomapi. This is just the first one, but if you would like to see an SDK in a different programming language for easy onboarding let us know and we’ll help you out!

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