Zoom Media is developing new language models

Zoom Media in 2019, going global

In 2018 we reached a new level of speed in terms of innovation and optimization. We launched an API, developed Nordic and Flemish language models, integrated the Zoom Media solutions in Microsoft Video Indexer (www.video.ai) and on-boarded two large Dutch broadcasting customers. Just a few highlights of the past year.

Zoom Media and Microsoft

Our API is now available for all of Microsoft’ customers worldwide on the Azure Marketplace which is a great start of 2019. Together with Microsoft APAC we took the first steps in lighting up of one of the black spots for the Asian market regarding speech-to-text; Tagalog/Filipino. Our main aim is to help Microsoft in the Nordics and Asia to unlock the potential of automated speech recognition for broadcast content.

Mission for 2019

Our mission is to offer our speech recognition solutions worldwide, but that doesn’t mean we’re not investing in our existing language models. Closer to home we are going to deploy our first 8khz model for Dutch in the first quarter of this year. In doing so we’re enabling call centers to use our speech recognition as well. Furthermore we’ll be increasing our attention to other challenging verticals and domains. Also, we are going to make sure our customers can customize the service independently.

Automated summarization

Another very promising service will be added to our API, automatic summarization of audio- and video fragments. Besides automatically transcribing content, users will be able to summarize that same content as well. So besides indexing a video archive for example. Users are also able to add short summaries of all their videos. When searching for a specific fragment users will then be able to see at a glance what the context of the video is about as well. We will be working on this project in the first quarter of 2019 and have the first test users try it out in the second quarter of 2019.

This exciting journey is just getting started. Subscribe to our newsletter to follow our steps. If you like to meet in person; we are relocating to Amsterdam Schiphol. Later this year you can also meet us at the NAB in Las Vegas and BroadCastAsia in Singapore and of course IBC in Amsterdam. Contact me for details.

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