Zoom Media at NAB in Vegas

Next week we’ll be presenting our newest tools to analyze audio and video at the NAB show in Las Vegas. The congress carries the motto “where content comes to life”. With our products we can help to achieve that aim. On behalf of our partner Ooyala I’m asked to participate in a breakfast panel on wednesday 8th and thursday 9th of April, together with Microsoft, Ooyala and MPP Global.

The need for high accuracy ASR engines in the broadcasting industry

Implementation of AI on audio- and videocontent enables programmers to produce and analyze data and insights on OTT, MVPD and vMVPD platforms automatically and build recommendation algorithms for content and advertisement. In the meantime it aims to help consumers to discover and watch TV in a very personal way and thus monetize on brand awareness and engagement more succesfully. One of the key ingredients for these recommendation systems is ASR. For a large part, the succes of recommendation systems is determined by the level of accuracy and flexibility to customize ASR engines to specific content. That’s where we come in.

Updated ASR engines

We’ll be at the NAB show to present our updated real-time broadcast ASR engines for Dutch and the Nordics and share our roadmap for the (near) future. We will demonstrate that the accuracy for the broadcasting vertical is improved for all languages. In joint presentations with Microsoft and Ooyala we will showcase integrated products such as Microsoft VideoIndexer and Ooyala Flex. We share our best practices in the field of real-time (translated) subtitling and integration of face recognition, object detection and topic detection API’s in video (pre)processing tools and workflows.


We’re very excited about the technology we’re building. To give you a glimpse of what’s possible get familiar with our products and click on demo to test! Or email me to schedule a meeting. Looking forward to meet in person!

Check the demo

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