AVROTROS en Video Indexer

Video Insights for Dutch public broadcaster AVROTROS

Various players within the broadcasting industry struggle with the question of how to make their content more valuable and more accessible to their clients, the viewers. Big players such as Netflix and Youtube are expanding at a huge rate and seem to be able to innovate at an unrivalled pace. How can the more traditional companies within the broadcasting industry keep up and create value? One of these broadcasters, AvroTros, is keen on innovating and keeping up with these content giants.

AvroTros wanted to index its content using Microsoft cognitive services: face recognition, speech recognition, sentiment analysis, keyword extraction etceteras. This way they could add relevant metadata to their videos, so editors could search through them more easily. Additionally, with this new relevant metadata AvroTros would also have the opportunity to build new applications and enhance the user experience for its products.

A big obstacle AvroTros and Microsoft encountered however was the fact that Microsoft did not support Dutch speech to text. Now being able to transcribe everything that has been said in your content is of great importance to make your content more searchable; the CTRL+F option to put it bluntly. Dutch speech to text, in other words, was a must have in order for this project to succeed.

Luckily enough Zoom Media and Microsoft met each other in the broadcast capital of the Netherlands, Hilversum and partnered up to integrate the Zoom Media Speech to Text API in the Video Indexer platform. Now AvroTros has the capability to index all of its content using all the cognitive services needed to do so.

Read Microsoft’s blog about Video Indexer. 


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