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How does a partnership work between a Speech Recognition Developer like Zoom Media and a techgiant such as Microsoft? Where do these two seemingly completely different companies meet and add value to one another?

In our specific case it was Speech Recognition. Microsoft offers various cognitive services which it showcases through Video Indexer. While Microsoft offers great Speech Recognition engines for the larger language areas, there were regional languages it didn’t support and developing them would take a lot of time. As it happens, Zoom Media specializes in developing regional languages and thus the partnership turned out to be a logical fit. Microsoft can now offer more languages to its clients.

Apart from offering more languages, Zoom Media’ cloud-based Speech to Text API is also integrated in Video Indexer. Clients from all kinds of industries are now able to combine cognitive services from the world’s biggest software company with Speech to Text engines from Zoom Media, a local player.

There are many use cases where the partnership between Microsoft and Zoom Media adds value. As stated all kinds of industries can benefit from this collaboration, from financial institutions to the media industry. One example is the Dutch public broadcaster AvroTros that implements Microsoft cognitive services and Zoom Media’ Dutch Speech to Text to make their content more searchable for editors and the public.

Last but not least, Zoom Media’ Speech to Text API runs on Microsoft Azure, making it safe and scalable.

Image: Microsoft Video Indexer

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