The Human feedback loop

The Human Feedback Loop

Artificial Intelligence is helping us to tackle problems and save us a lot of time. However, in our experience, combining Artificial Intelligence with Human Intelligence will lead to the best results. That’s why we integrate the Human Feedback Loop in all our processes

What is the Human Feedback Loop?
It gives us the opportunity to benefit from both the efficiency of ML and the quality of human judgement. For example: our software transcribes audio files faster than a human could ever do. But some words will be misinterpreted or missed due to bad audio or cross talk. That’s why we manually check the transcripts on a daily basis and retrain our speech recognition engines with the corrected output to have it ‘learn’ from its mistakes. Besides that, we also train our system even before we start working for a client. We collect a dataset of industry specific language and matching audio to train our software beforehand. This way, our clients receive very high quality transcripts the moment they start working with us. This is how it works:

-Audio input 

-Speech to Text engine 

-Transcript output

– Manual check 

-Input corrected transcripts 


Training data
At this point, you might think that we use your audio and video files to train our system. That’s not the case. Your (online) security is our priority, that’s why we don’t store any of your files and use safe and certified connections. We will only use the ‘corrections’ to train the engines, not the files and – of course – always with your approval. There is also an option to send the correction yourself, so you have total control over your data.
The best way to experience the power of this software that combines Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence is to experience it yourself. Please, feel free to contact us and let’s schedule a demo.

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