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Recommending personal radio with BNR Smart Radio

Radio is not dead, it’s alive and kicking. But it has changed for sure. We are living in times where we are confronted with an abundance of information from all sides. We are getting picky with regard to the content we want to digest and the companies that know how to respond best to this trend are the most successful ones. With all the competition for the listeners’ attention, radio channels have never been challenged to attract and attain audiences to the extent they have been in the last couple of years..

You’re heading home after a long day at work. You tune in on your favourite news radio channel. What a boring topic, your search for the next channel. Again, not something you want to hear. You keep repeating your search for relevant topics until you decide to turn the radio off. What a relief it would be if you could just turn on the radio and hear the topics you actually want to hear. Now, tomorrow, always.

Together with partners BrainCreators and Zoom Media, BNR Newsradio developed a recommendation system for radio-content, breaking the linear radio barrier. BNR Smart Radio uses the Zoom Media Speech to Text API and BrainCreators’ Topic Modelling to offer listeners a tailored ‘Netflix’ radio experience. You never have to listen to something dull again, just turn on the radio and listen to the things you actually want to listen to!

In order to build a recommender system the first step for the Smart Radio project was to find a high accuracy speech to text engine. Content-based filtering algorithms deal with the data you feed them. We customized our speech to text engine on broadcast data to get the best results out of the content we processed. We are proud that the Zoom Media API is at the core of the service that delivers BNR listeners a revolutionary radio experience.

Want to learn more about the project? Click on this link for a podcast on Smart Radio.

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