Purchase Zoom Media Speech to Text through Azure Marketplace

At Zoom Media, we always try to make innovative products that are easy to use. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that our offering is live at the Azure Marketplace! This means our clients can purchase the Zoom Media Speech to Text solution through Microsoft without difficult administration, separate contracts and double invoicing.

One marketplace one invoice

The good thing for Microsoft customers being able to connect with us via the Marketplace is the fact that there is no need for slow accreditation processes, nor for separate negotiations and contracts. Microsoft clients simply follow this link where they can check out our offer and download directly. When they do they can sign in with their Microsoft credentials, get redirected to their Azure subscription page and purchase the solution directly. After which they are ready to go. We follow the Microsoft standard contract so no surprises there, plus what the customer purchases will simply be added to their Azure bill. This way we’ve been able to create a smoother process for Microsoft clients to use our Speech to Text solutions as well.

Upfront quota’s

Our Speech to Text models can be used in realtime and batch mode, also when customers purchase through the Azure Marketplace. The only difference with dealing with Zoom Media directly is the fact that customers can only purchase monthly quota bundles. It’s possible to choose either monthly or yearly subscriptions. If a bundle runs out it gets automatically renewed and when a customer wishes to cancel his or her subscription it’s simply a matter of deleting the subscription from Azure, easy peasy.

We’re looking forward to welcoming many new Microsoft customers to our platform and are always standing by to help out if needed. Want to learn more about using Zoom Media speech to text through Azure Marketplace? Send me an email at frans@zoommedia.ai!

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