Speech to text engines built and optimized for your content.


Our unique machine learning approach that focuses on the Human Feedback Loop, has generated high accuracy levels for many different use cases.


We have the ability to develop new languages at a rapid rate. Contact us to add your preferred language to our roadmap.


We keep it simple. You only pay for the content you transcribe, no unexpected costs. The more you process, the lower the price per hour will be.

Use cases

We’re committed to help our customers understand their audio content through customized ASR products.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all speech to text product, that’s why we customize our engines for you. We’re proud to share some success stories from our users

Products & Solutions



Analyze videos and allow editors to search through them.

Smart Radio (BNR)

‘Personal radio’ based on your preferences using speech to text and topic detection.

Zoom Script

Transcribe your audio files and save time.

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