Ooyala’s Flex Media Platform helps you indexing your content

Where should one start if a huge archive worth of content had to be indexed? Ooyala developed an end-to-end solution, Ooyala Flex Media Platform, to help media organizations index their content in an easy fashion.

Ooyala has a long-standing partnership with another partner of Zoom Media, Microsoft. Ooyala Flex relies on various Microsoft’ cognitive services to monetize content archives.

So where does Zoom Media fit in the indexing process Ooyala offers its clients? That’s right, Speech should be turned into Text. Give the user the search engine option if you will. The largest amount of content consists of what’s being said. So having an adequate Speech Recognition engine to index that part of the content is essential.

Now Ooyala was keen on expanding more to markets in the Nordics, and that’s where Zoom Media came in. Microsoft did not yet support the Nordic languages: Danish, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian and thus collaborated with Zoom Media to develop these engines.

Ooyala can now benefit from the long list of Speech Recognition engines that Microsoft supports, but also from the regional ones Zoom Media offers. The Zoom Media cloud-based Speech to Text API has been integrated with the Ooyala Flex Platform allowing its users to index their archives in additional languages and monetize their content even more.

Photo: Prodigio for Ooyala at IBC

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