Zoom Media at NAB Las Vegas

NAB Las Vegas: Personalization and Recommendation

Last month me and my colleagues attended the NAB Show in Las Vegas. Microsoft gave us the opportunity to present our Video Indexer integrated speech recognition solutions for the broadcast industry in various languages.

I experienced this particular week as one of the best weeks in my professional career from several points of view. NAB forced us to speed up our development of Nordic languages with many meetings planned ahead. The beta results varied from promising in the worst case to very good. We’ve met with a number of great people; from broadcasters, software integrators, OTT-platforms, cloud services providers and of course our Microsoft partners in Seattle. The Marquee in The Cosmopolitan in particular was the setting of very pleasant encounters.

Me and one of the founders of Video Indexer, Ohad Jassin, took part in a breakfast panel at the booth of one of our other partners, OOYALA, about the use of AI in the broadcast industry in general and on OTT platforms in particular. The panel, moderated by the admirable Adriana Waterston from Horowitz research further consisted of Emily Hopson-Hill and the MPP CEO Paul Johnson. Together our companies cover the whole pipeline from analysis to distribution to subscription of OTT-content. I gave my opinion about how ASR can transform the broadcasting industry and shared my best practices and potential pitfalls when it comes to indexing large volumes of AV-content.

Personalization and recommendation

Our conclusion was more or less the same from all point of views. AI-backed personalization and recommendation is key for the monetization of content on OTT-platforms. In order to stay ahead of competition and maximize consumer experience and satisfaction you need to present your subscribers content that is proven to be relevant and entertaining on a personal level.

Although it sounds pretty obvious, from a technical perspective, many obstacles have been removed only due to very recent breakthroughs in AI. I predicted that more are to come in the next two years. Many of them will have great impact on how consumers in small language area’s will consume AV-content and how OTT-platforms address ‘less profitable’ target groups.If you are interested to know how Zoom Media develops tools to stimulate monetization of AV-content by building recommender systems, indexing large chunks of ‘dark data’ or (translated) automatic closed captioning in real-time, drop a mail and I’ll get in touch.

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