Let’s Discuss Discussing

In my first blog on technological innovation and product development, I discussed the need for teams to – test the waters, discuss, plan and create. A broad outline of the process that encompasses much more when it comes to developing a product. In the blogs to follow, I’ll go a little bit more in depth with regard to important parts within this much larger process. In this blog I want to discuss, discussing.

Create structure

In my humble opinion there is nothing more important within a company than a good discussion. If colleagues fail to get their message across amongst one another you’re almost guaranteed to encounter problems. We all know not everybody is the greatest of communicators, a lot of people are a bit shy and there are also those who won’t stop talking. It’s thus important to put certain processes into place. The most obvious way of communicating within a company is to have meetings with each other. But you do not want to have meetings for the sake of having meetings and noticing by the end of the week that all you did was talk to each other. So what’s a good way to go about this? You need to make sure you organize your moments of contact. I refrain from calling these moments meetings now because there are many forms of communication within a company that are important and a meeting is just one of them.

Anyway, first of all you need to make sure you stick to your plan. With this I mean you should stick to the same days and times to have your various moments of contact. This creates a certain habit for you and your colleagues. People know what to expect, when they should prepare and when they can focus on their work. At Zoom Media we work according to Scrum method and therefore we have implemented the following moments of contact: Sprint Planning, Stand-up, Sprint Review and Priority Session (let me get back to you on those in another blog if you’re not tired of hearing these terms already).

There are no stupid questions

A good discussion is not about shouting your personal opinion across the table and hoping it will be the one that sticks. One of the most important elements of a good discussion is asking questions. It’s a cliché but as with most clichés this one is also true, there are no stupid questions. You and your colleagues should always feel free to gather the information you need. I would suggest to ask precise questions and be as specific as possible. Because you’ll never have too much information. For sure it’s much more harmful not to ask the questions you want to ask when it comes to product development. If you do not ask what you need to know you basically get back to work not being sure of yourself or what’s needed which increases the chance of making mistakes. As a result, the company will face delays. Yet, it’s even more important to ask for help from your colleagues. Don’t shy away from acknowledging there are things you need help with. Technological innovations – or innovations of any kind for that matter, and product development works best when you work together as a team. It truly is the quickest way to move forward.

So there you go, we’ve discussed the importance of discussing and come full circle. Let’s discuss some more, how do you feel about discussing with your team? Drop me an email and let’s get in touch!


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