Zoom Media at IBC

Levelling up at IBC 2018

Zoom Media attended IBC in Amsterdam for the second time in its history. For such a young company as ours an event as IBC inspires, opens up doors, and creates various interesting business opportunities. The way I see it, is that IBC is one of those moments in the year where you can gather feedback, measure your market fit and explore potential growth strategies.

Last year we showcased our customized speech-to-text for the Dutch broadcasting industry for the first time. Our booth at the Launch Pad attracted visitors that were interested in our services and curious about the company and our role in the broadcast ecosystem. Although very promising we still had some work to do in order to have something useful for broadcast companies, but the first step was taken. It was the right one.

This year it was a whole different ballgame! We launched an API, developed Nordic and Flemish language models, integrated the Zoom Media solutions in Microsoft Video Indexer (www.video.ai) and on-boarded two large Dutch broadcasting customers. Our team accomplished so much in just one year, and what’s a better celebration than updating all your contacts during IBC with all the new possibilities you have to offer?

This year we’ll keep challenging ourselves by developing new high accuracy speech-to-text models, scaling up our Video Indexer integration and explore multiple platform collaborations. If you’re eager to use speech-to-text for your own specific workflow, please let me know. I am more than happy to help.

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