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Event: Dutch regional broadcasters and cognitive services

Zoom Media and Microsoft will host a Media Innovation event for regional broadcasters by the end of June. Lately many new technological developments open up opportunities for broadcasters to innovate. Zoom Media and Microsoft have chosen to work together to help them unlock and enrich their content in order to make it better searchable.

Live subtitling

One of the biggest challenges public broadcasters have is the demand for (live) subtitling but at lower costs. All taxpayers should be able to follow the content these broadcasters produce but at the same time budget cuts make it virtually impossible to meet these demands. A solution lies in the adoption of real-time speech to text. During June’s event Zoom Media will demonstrate how live automated subtitling can generate results that can live up to the demand and how regional dialects don’t necessarily mean an obstacle that can’t be overcome. Zoom Media is specialized in building all kinds of language models and together with regional broadcasters, we’ll explore how we can build models that fit their use cases best.

Additional metadata

Adding metadata is essential to unlocking content and make it better searchable. Thanks to the speech to text models Zoom Media has to offer, our audience can have a look at the enrichment of data we can realize. Thanks to high accuracy speech to text conversion, timestamps, speaker diarization, Zoom Media output shows exactly where something was said, by whom and whether that person was male or female. Indexing content in such a way enables users to easily scan through archived content opening up all sorts of opportunities for employees of broadcasters but for viewers as well. An editor who simply types in a few words and finds the segment he needs for the next show instead of scrolling through tags and vague results for hours. Or viewers who can actually find that specific part of a show they saw last week in the blink of an eye instead of giving up frustrated due to the lack of searchability of these type of content archives.

Cloud storage and cognitive services

Where Zoom Media focuses on speech to text, its partner Microsoft offers users the seemingly endless possibilities of cloud storage on Azure. Nowadays many content archives of broadcasters are still on tape in basements being risked to be lost to the ravages of time. Digitizing said content and indexing it using speech to text as well as additional Microsoft cognitive services such as face recognition, sentiment analysis, topic detection and logo detection further enriches these archives with relevant metadata that makes it better searchable and gets it ready for the years to come.


We’re looking forward to our joint event at the end of June where we hope to get lots of questions from our audience and be able to show all the things already possible for both big and small organizations. If you’re in regional broadcasting as well and you have not yet received an invitation but would like to attend, please send me an email at frans@zoommedia.ai and I’ll get in touch as soon as possible!

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