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Content is king

Broadcast Partners offers a 100% cloud-based, radio-as-a-service solution. Their goal is to support new and existing media companies and publishers with innovating their production process. That way problems can be solved and new opportunities can be discovered!

Broadcast Partners offers SmartRadio which contains various hybrid modules that can be connected to existing systems and infrastructure. Each module comes with the same high level of support, experience and consultancy. The solution is data-driven and provides relevant data for each client.

Broadcast Partners works together with Zoom Media when it comes to offering Speech Recognition, tagged as Smart Speech to Text in the Broadcast Partners solution.

“Automatic Speech Recognition developed by Zoom Media turns the spoken word into text. Using the service one can index audio content in batch mode or in real-time by simply making an API-call. All words are marked with timestamps therefore enabling the user to make his content better searchable. Zoom Media uses encryption en doesn’t store any of the data users upload to the Speech Recognition engines. Content is processed, results are sent back and all data is deleted from the servers. That way users can index their content in an easy, secure and quick fashion.” Frans Olsthoorn, COO Zoom Media.

“Content is still king. It’s important that modern organizations embrace solid tools for indexing due to the fact that the amount of (online) content is ever growing. Content has no value when you can’t retrieve it. By connecting Smart Speech to Text to your media company, your content can always be retrieved. Nice addition to already existing possibilities within Broadcast Partners’ SmartRadio solution. Edward Hotchkin, Sales Manager Broadcast Partners.

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