It’s all the small steps we take
that define us

The quest for improved Digital Accessibility

The quest for improved Digital Accessibility

What is accessibility? Digital Accessibility refers to designing devices, products, and environments such that individuals with disabilities or sensory impairments can successfully use the device or product. Although the concept of digital accessibility refers specifically to digital media, it’s not

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Innovatie bij de overheid

Boosting Innovation between private and public sector

The Dutch government is investing in innovation by organizing – amongst other things – Innovation Boosters. Recently Zoom Media and its newly founded sister Zoom Script attended one of these Innovation Boosters hosted by the Shared Service Center ICT (SSC-ICT).

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AI Specialists

BrainCreators our partner on Artificial Intelligence

Long before our machines met, humans were the first that made the connection between Zoom Media and BrainCreators. Our partnership with BrainCreators started at the Amsterdam AI Meetup Anniversary, where our founder Abderrahim Ait Ben Moh and BrainCreators’ principal scientific

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