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BrainCreators our partner on Artificial Intelligence

Long before our machines met, humans were the first that made the connection between Zoom Media and BrainCreators. Our partnership with BrainCreators started at the Amsterdam AI Meetup Anniversary, where our founder Abderrahim Ait Ben Moh and BrainCreators’ principal scientific advisor Maarten Stol got acquainted. Abderrahim and Maarten found each other while discussing Speech to Text.

Zoom Media is a preferred supplier of Speech to Text services for BrainCreators. Using our API BrainCreators is able to extract structured metadata from (live) audio and video. The data enables BrainCreators to build topic modelling and recommender systems for this type of content. As with other applications of machine-learning and deep-learning, the models require high accuracy input which is just what we target.

A good example of our collaboration is the Smart Radio project. Smart Radio enables BNR News Radio to target the audience in a personalized way by recommending content that’s relevant for each individual listener. If you are interested in the story behind Smart Radio or wonder what we can do for your audio or video content just let us know and we put the humans at work again.

Photo: Nicholas Hogan, BrainCreators

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