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Automatic speech-to-text service the way you like it

There are at least a hundred companies that all offer a similar service; converting speech to text. The big tech giants focus on the widely spoken languages, while local start-ups are trying to transform open source code into a useful service. And there are also companies that used to deliver manual transcripts but have recently embraced the automatic ASR engines to deliver results faster.

So, there are many solutions available, but which one matches your needs? When I talk to clients, they tend to go for one of the big tech companies. They are the market leaders for a reason, right?

Well yes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they offer the best solution for you. At Zoom Media we believe that most organizations need customized speech to text engines to get the results they need. By ‘customization’ we refer to the fact that we ‘train’ our software to better recognise specific words that are important to you. Do you want to transcribe juridical conversations? If so, in many cases you’ll use different words than, for example, a broadcaster. We train our engines to support all kinds of verticals (financial, political, juridical and so on) and keep updating them so you’ll always have an up-to-date speech to text service.

Another reason for people to choose a big tech company over a small one is safety. Security is a big issue these days and no one wants to be responsible for a leak. That’s why we chose to work with Microsoft Azure. We don’t save any files and use a secure cloud service to guarantee you the best and safest way possible to handle your files..

A third reason not to invest in speech to text is the fact that most engines are hard to use. You’ll need a developer to make an ‘API- call’ and even developers need some time to set up the environment. You expect ‘automatic speech recognition’ to be automatic, right? The good news is that we’ve simplified this process and we’ll deploy this update next week. You don’t need a developer to make an API-call because ours will be ‘plug and play’. However, even if this proves too difficult to use, simply upload your files and we’ll make sure you get the results as soon as possible.

Test our API for free, register here and get started.

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