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Our story

Abderrahim started Zoom Media 8 years ago with one goal in mind, to innovate the media industry. He started experimenting with different workflows and discovered that speech to text could help him analyze great amounts of data, such as news streams.

There was no (good) Dutch ASR engine available so he decided to develop one himself. By correcting every transcript by hand, he and his team managed to achieve a  highly accurate Dutch speech to text engine in just a few years.

Nowadays the Human Feedback Loop (the automated version of correcting transcripts) is at the core of our business. We’ve expanded the number of languages we support and serve clients in all kinds of industries. While growing fast, we still believe that human input is on of the most important assets when it comes to innovation.

Management Team

Our team consists of young people with an innovative mindset. We think that technology will change the way we live, work and think and we’re always looking for ways to turn innovation into value for our customers.

About Us
Abderrahim Ait Ben Moh

Sales & New Business

Rick Zoom Media
Rick Voormolen

Tech & Development

About Us
Frans Olsthoorn

Relations & Operations

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We’re always looking for talented and tech-minded people to join our team. Do you share our passion for speech recognition, delivering high valued and customized software? Great! Please check our job openings or send an open application.

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Our offices are based in The Hague and Schiphol but we work together as 1 team. We organize meetups to share our knowledge and attend events on a regular basis to get to know our customers. We’d love to meet you too, so schedule an appointment and we will see you soon!

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